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lirik lagu 4 my enemies – hollow tip


[hollow tip]
i spend too many days… on the street
too many nights wit heat
i got my mind right, heart strong
quick on my feet, i never retreat
i write my lifestyle to the beat
i try to slow down
but i’m in this lifestyle too deep
i can’t sleep unless the hennessy’s poppin’
my enemy’s plottin’ to leave a n-gg- dead
wit my memory forgotten
the streets is watchin’
n-gg-s is rottin’, bodies is droppin’
heats is c-ckin’
leavin’ the “ride or die” option
don’t i spend
through the spot fulla eight block men
rockin’, big jewels, we got it locked in
it ain’t no stoppin’
the way i do business wit a few killas
got to shake a few n-gg-s to get my true skrilla
but yo i’m back again
throw away gats and henn
fly outta sac and then
come back wit scratch and film
i never scratch my tims
when sh-t get rough and rugby
i guess the streets just love me
or only god can judge me
these n-gg-s try to mug me
they think i’m sippin’ bubbly
but i’m just sippin’ henny
ready to leave you bl–dy
the situation’ ugly
these n-gg-s wanna slug me
i’ll even f-ck wit the pistol
and make you n-gg-s love me

yo this is 4 my enemies
you prayin’ for me to fall
i’m a ball, for nothin’ but y’all, stand tall
4 my enemies [4 my enemies]
n-gg-s payin’ they bread to see me dead
put two in my head for what i said
4 my enemies [4 my enemies]
you can suck my d-ck
i’d rather die wit the four-fifth
and die like a b-tch
4 my enemies [4 my enemies]
you’ll never take me alive
i’m hard to survive
ride-da-da-da-da-da [echoes out]

[hollow tip]
this is 4 my enemies
i see you plottin’ and grinnin’
tryna c-ck block the women
bust shots in my linen
stop pretendin’, you hated me from the beginnin’
and you still playa hatin’ in the ninth innin’
so i’m a break it down
i never took it and don’t take it now
slip in the clip
dip, hit n-gg-s wit fatal rounds
see i’m from california
we hustle on the corner
if i ain’t ridin’ wit cha
my n-gg-s ridin’ on ya
and that’s just how it is
f-ck all that coward sh-t
these n-gg-s gotta know it
i’m on a power trip
who wanna make a move?
who got some sh-t to prove?
then bust your heater n-gg-
we ain’t got sh-t to lose
i wanna get it started
come at you cold hearted
i’ll look you in yo eyes
empty the whole cartridge
you gon’ get it really
i think these n-gg-s silly
stab me in my back
so they can get the skrilly
my n-gg- light the philly
and we gon’ ride to city
i’m comin’ for that b-tch n-gg- that ripped me
try to hit me
but real n-gg-s land on they feet
northside, north high, for life, h street

[chorus x2]