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lirik lagu lonely at the top – holly herndon


hi, hi, welcome
please don’t worry about being late for the appointment
clients like you are our top priority
we feel so lucky you chose us
yes, yes, yeah
i know how busy you are
i don’t know how you do it
you do seem a little stressed out
are you okay?
mmm yeah
just exhausted
i can’t even imagine
i don’t know how you do it
i’m so glad you’re taking the time to take care of yourself today, though
yes, yes, yeah
it’s important and you deserve it
we’ll be in room three today
when you feel ready, you can go there
is it okay if i come in?
okay, great
is everything to your liking?
yeah, great
you really deserve it
you work so hard
i don’t know how you do it
i’m going to touch you now
can you relax your shoulders for me?
and from what you’ve told me, so many people depend on you
and it’s not just because you’re good at what you do
it’s because you’re a great person
and from what you’ve told me
so many people in your position wouldn’t act as generously as you do
yeah, yeah
how does this feel?
good, okay, great, great
i think about what you’re doing every day and you’re always giving
you’re giving the world your ideas
and from what you’ve told me, they’re incredible
yeah, not everyone has these ideas
let alone your charisma
i don’t know how you do it
how’s the pressure?
okay, great
i don’t know what we would do without you
are you ready to move on?
great, great
can you sit up for me now?
why wouldn’t you take the opportunities presented to you?
someone is going to
someone has to
and you always seem to be in the right place at the right time
yes, yes, yeah
you naturally attract possibility
and you know how to follow possibility through into success
you aren’t afraid of it
so many people are
but it’s more than that, even
you’re so special in so many ways
all of your achievements just seem like your natural right
i was lost before i met you and i know so many other people were too
you make us feel safe and secure
i don’t know what we would do without you
what i would do without you
you make us better
i don’t know how you do it