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lirik lagu up in smoke – holly springs disaster


so let me introduce myself
i’m a mess
master of success out of dirt
under skirts, tell your girl
cause we’re taking you out on the town
and you ain’t ever coming back

i am rock and roll
the son of s-x and drugs
cause it’s your daughter that i want
and it’s the s-x and not the love
so come on

so now i made my choice,
can’t ever take it back
i packed up all my things
i’m moving to the west
so that someday i can just sleep in my own bed
without all of your smoke rings wrappin around my head

so now i’m climbing this mountain to see
what i thought that i smelled from the sea

don’t blow smoke rings to the west
so that i can rest my head
don’t blow your smoke


so now i climbed that mountain
to see what i could see
but all i saw was pretty young girl
sitting on her knees, she’s sayin’

come on cowboy, don’t ya back down
you got a pistol and bullet with my name
“so i’m a cowboy, never back down
i got a pistol and bullet with your name”