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why u lookin at me? - ​hooligan chase lyrics


i’d break all 206 bones ‘fore i wear a helmet
i’m the middle child
but i feel like i’m the eldest
when i’m in your veins
legs shakin’ like she elvis
i can’t keep a girlfriend
they say i’m way too selfish

okay, and that’s true, ho
but if i’m the devil
please inform us, what are you, ho?
used to throw up blood a couple times
i cut it too close
two can play this game
and you no match for toni kukoč
all white at your service
i been known to crack a few jokes

wait, i ain’t playin’ now
tulip petals on the grave, go ahead, lay em down
just checked in at bates motel, i can’t stay in town
hit that sticky, can’t decipher what you saying now

i’m tyler durdon, start the club is what i’m gon do
choose a personality and it can tag along too
there’s a couple streets in [?] county she belong to
hit you from a distance, charles [?] that’s a long [?]

[?] be praying for me, i don’t see the point though
watch me disappear and start a cult with some [?]
where you spread them rumours from is where i think my groin go
baby thought that i was hitting raw, that’s what this joint for

hit the ground runnin’
cause that boogeyman comin’
oh now who [?]
[?] bands, travis barker drummin’
green [?]

rarely i be sound asleep
a sherrif live right down the street
bomb inside my system, it’s gon’ blow when they surrounding me
“where the f*ck the album” low*key love when they be hounding me
i think she just found a seat
charge you with the founders fee

[swervy cat stacks?], uhuh uhuh
let’s get down to brass tax, uhuh uhuh
rapped her lungs past black, uhuh uhuh
having acid flashbacks, uhuh uhuh
team up with amanda young
b*tch do i look like i’m sprung?
boy my molecules are different
cat don’t ever got my tongue
all that knowledge you was giving
now your bell is getting rung
i’m just stunned, like my daddy, bragging bout his son

i ain’t playin now
i ain’t playin now
what you sayin’ now?
what you sayin’ now?

why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me
why you lookin at me

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