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lirik lagu i am raw – hopsin


“i am raw”
(feat. swizzz)

you motherf-ckers are quick to judge. it’s all good though. you don’t know sh-t about sh-t. if you only knew what i do, if you only knew what i could do. if you could only see what i could see you would probably stop bothering me

[verse 1: hopsin]
i independently started this sh-t
marketing hits, starving for chips
no gasoline to start off the whip
felt like the only n-gg- labels wasn’t bargaining with
my heart has been ripped, i stuck with it as hard as it gets
these producers would always blow me off
now that i’m blowing up, they don’t recall
talking about “yo, you my homie, dawg”
oh, now you wanna hop on the hop train
knowing d-mn well since ’04 i had hot flames
my real buddies was mainly the worst
hatin’ to shoot my videos without me paying them first
so i slide ’em 100 bucks to watch ’em b-tch on how it ain’t enough
that money got my cell, internet and cable cut!
a real homie would’ve gave a f-ck
and not expect to pay upfront
then get the money later when i’m making some
n-body saw the bigger picture except me
they neglect me
only thing that protects me is fv

you don’t always have to stick by my side
just make sure you remember me when i die
i am raw, i am raw
just to let you n-gg-s know
b-tch i am raw, i am raw
don’t forget me when i’m gone
b-tch i am raw

[verse 2: swizzz]
i was a high school grad preparing to go to college
an enthusiastic freshman, major in economics
i didn’t have a clue what to expect to be honest
banging beats in my dorm, streaming p-rnhub constant
i figured i could make it out in 4 years tops
study religiously and graduate, apply for a job
the rap thing was secondary, i was putting it off
calling it quits, -ssuming “i have better chances playing golf”
my third year came and suddenly that changed
i couldn’t bear watching my mom at home suffering pain
tryna fight off the strain of only having half a stomach
plus a handicap back from a surgery that helped nothing!
so i returned to the valley and called the homie
hop was on ruthless getting shelved like a trophie
i told him how i left my life in the oc
and we concluded we could both use fv


[verse 3: hopsin]
this was written for n-gg-s who wouldn’t give me dap
n-gg-s who told me that i had sissy rap
this was written for all the b-tches i used to called who never hit me back
until they heard the word i was buzzin’, c’mon don’t give me that
you backed out, now you tryna roll with my click?
where the f-ck were you when my signing bonus was spent?
where the f-ck were you when i got the notice for rent
saying i was getting evicted and i was hopeless as sh-t?
see i keep some names handy and you got thrown on the list
that’s how you know that i’m p-ssed
i got you, don’t even trip
cause i’m rude over the nicest beats
you had to go ignite the heat
you might agree to beef, but yo i’m not the type you’d like to meet
life’s indeed a journey that i have yet to finish
hopefully my career’s something that will be epidemic
you’ll always know it’s hopsin the way i wreck a sentence
realness, i represent it
raw, i’m the definition


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