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lirik lagu 40 barz – houdinne


legal breaks cocaine
legal breaks of heroine
duffle bag fulla stacks
real big bag fulla racks
real big bag fulla stacks
big boot b-tch juicy fruity b-tch
money on top of money
tidal waves humungous
totem pole my humus
break factory (?) at the ship factory
totem pole _____ (?)
totem pole my scrunchy
totem pole _____ (?)
totem pole montgomery
break factory (?) at the ship factory
i made so much money
babies go for 80
trap house gymnasium
power a magnesium
dentist anesthesium
old bay seasoning
reason of the seasoning
season of the reasoning
season of the _______?
stories of the birds and bees
never made much sense to me
the bird is so much bigger than the bee
how does it work scientifically
whole world means nothin to me
music has more substance to me
poems have more substance to me
qualms have more substance to me
he has more ______ than me
she has more ______ than me
get me as far the f-ck away from that as possibly
cut with supreme, 83. 93?
83. haiti 3? 83
86? triple six
triple stack? triple six
triple that? triple this
trickle down and climb to me
totem pole my armory
heroine and pcp
angle dust and emt
marijuana and xtc
alcohol and _____(?)
all of that n-gg- says to me
e. e. c-mmings sh-ll silverstein
vanilla scott and vanilla beans
vanilla wafers and kerosene
carl sagan and john cena
carrot top and boss people
rick ross and aaron freedman
free base that c-ke hyena
molly water and charile sheeple
gargle all the plastic leakage
rhyming words rhyming meter
guns and roses paradise city
take me down to paradise city
gr-ss is weed girls are pretty
rock me momma lika wagon wheel
oh momma rock me
cartoon network 8 am
bartoon network 8 am
now’s a f-ck 8am
kate n kate plus 8am
8am plus edm equal dmtium
edm, edm imma smoke some weedium
on wikipedia, magic carp ____(?)
sunlight like yam
filled with gaso-lium
gas pans, hash browns (?)
slim fast my last name
slam dunk’s my first name
always come in first place