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lirik lagu 2k freestyle – hozay


yo ! (yo)
yea yea yea yea
yo! yo! (this that 2k freestyle n*gga)

[verse: hozay]

i’m dripping water from kimberly
on tinder she told me she into me
its cold so we smoke just like chimneys
then i put the d*ck in her kidney..
aye is you kidding me
like all this drip don’t look good on me
this chain round my neck, ain’t no freeing me
need a long walk to freedom like diba did
(aye lazer*tag beams, ain’t no lazer*tag
body bags after that shawty bang)
smoke so much weed now im seeing things
then go cop a chow like im poootie tang
you get that? b*tch i lost it then got my respect back
take your durag then ask where them waves at
in the stu, cooking hits like we sell crack
been a boss , i just need me a maybach
took a l , smoked a j then i bounced back
woah! it’s clear that they feeling me
biting the style but pretend they ain’t hearing me
trying to figure out how i studied this game
you should lay out my schemes on a pyramid
see i had dreams
of sticking to one b*tch and living my life just like jigga did
now that b*tch gone
got me confused ’cause all of these hoes just keep flooding in
f*ck it man , go get my n*ggas some
he aiming em shots with a lil gun
come face to face , he got sh*t in his pants
make em run when i c*ck it and get in stance
they tried charge me for hit and run
officer i hit him, i didn’t run
these n*ggas know how i’m coming
my mixtape hit 2k , no b ball , im stunting
these numbers might seem like a little
believe when i tell you we came up from nothing
go get your cheese stuart little
f*ck what they say , they all fake it to make it
money and jewelry gets the attention
[outro: hozay]
critique on my music, trynna play me like acoustic (yoooo!)
same n*ggas ain’t doing sh*t, you ain’t even got no music(wooow!)
film me like movies, n*ggas trynna shoot me like movies
man i am so groovy, n*ggas call lil uzi
but f*ck that sh*t , call me lil draco n*gga
(i had more bars for yall but i didn’t like the switch up man)
break out your back, break out your neck