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lirik lagu the last journey – huis


yes, it’s a long journey
probably your last one
will be more exhilarating than opium
there will be no return
you’ll leave everything behind you
thou shalt have need nothing there
leave here all that you knew
yes, it’s a hard journey
bring your soul and nothing else
the rest is too heavy
impossible to hold it by yourself
the weight of your past
the weight of your misery
the weight of your worn body
the scars that set you free

this was not a fairy tale
a road paved with pain
you should turn off the lights to perceive the little flame
i sometimes think of you
it’s a trick to get through
get down to pick some dew then come back to you

yes, it’s tough journey
a path full of traps
facing your destiny has always been your gap
avoid a glance
over your shoulder
you must never look back
towards this lack
yes, it’s your last journey
there will be no surprise
a glimpse inside your past will not extend your life
your outer limits have been crossed
you’re about to recognize the last signs of your times