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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (real slow) – humble tip


i had to do it
its only right
its only right
(can’t change)

[verse 1]
i’m in it, i’m in it
i’m all up in it to win it
in a cl-ss by myself so i do not take attendance
i’m feelin’ nice, ready to ride, ready to fly
homie close your eyes
sleep on me, sleep on me beddy bye (ah)
we be all about that change
in your lane with a name we came to bang bang
i’m all about that blue like fangs that drains pain
they bang bang right on his wrists and let ’em hang
let it bang, now let it knock
hey its about time, hey where your watch?
i ain’t tryna outshine, you can have that spot
i’m just tryna outline my pops (ah)
these youngins copy wrong, they copy all night
now i don’t plagiarize, i just copyright
i’m outta sight, my mind is tight, i’m focused on the afterlife
when i get hype i k!ll mics
here we go (go), we at the show ready to flow
kickin’ down your door, puttin c4 on your radio
we don’t breathe smoke, we blow
we see that you need hope
homie meet the hero
radio, playin’ that garbage we don’t need mo’
you voting for these rappers then its time for a veto
straight up, i got my team out the church, puttin’ work, nah we ain’t scared of some dirt
buncha dudes from my school who were wantin’ to shine
they waistin’ time, why they waitin’? i’m waitin’ on them to grind
and they ain’t takin’ shots for heaven’s sake
to keep it real, i’m just tryna motivate
buncha talented dudes with att-tudes