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lirik lagu bathroom walls – hyacinth


i have left every chance behind me
just so you could reevaluate
it was always one sided, but i tried to find the balance anyways
end and start over, try to regain composure
find somebody else, you wanted everyone
i wanted you for myself, for myself

i paint a picture on the mirror, but the steam veiled my cause
i asked too many questions but never if you wanted to be here

always homesick but the adventurous kind
never willing but always crossed the line
i’d stand behind persuasion since it was my only friend
let me pull your strings again

i should’ve given up but i hoped for better days
i asked too many questions but never to myself

forgive me, for thinking i had it all
my secrets stay hidden in bathroom walls

no one said it wouldn’t hurt
thoughts of it will sting
im better off alone
hope one day you hear them sing
hope one day you hear me sing