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lirik lagu terrific – hypocriteonhere


verse 1:
at least before i’m dead, i got a lot of head
never hit the home run, i never made it to the bed
yes i can be toxic
yes, i’m out of pocket
don’t blame me though, i’m not the reason why i lost it
exhausted, i’m running out of fuel for my rocket
who knows at this rate, if i could even ever stop it
i swear this low tide’s pulling me to the other side
cause people are gonna ride me until thе day i f*cking die
cause beforе i get there, i wanna be that guy
not another lackey flipping burgers and just cooking fries
sometimes wonder to myself, reaching for the sky
maybe i’ll get that high some day but i won’t ever comply
i could’ve done better in some ways i won’t ever deny
but let’s not forget the situations that you would imply
wanna check the conversations, see if there’s another guy
maybe all those times you said you were tired was all a lie
maybe it was my fault, but through the rough i gave my all
remember that small talk made you angry if i recall
you never deserved me, your world was always just too small
just looking back on us leaves me feeling appalled
verse 2:
people work all their life but can’t afford healthcare
while you got lowlifes making more off the welfare
tell me now, how the h*ll is that even fair?
why people l!cking boots? you know they don’t care
people using h*ll as another way to give scare
to spread the gospel, make those repent out of despair
just because you help doesn’t mean you know what’s best for me
i mean, i’m the one that’s writing my own destiny
things will turn out the way they’re supposed to be
and i’m sorry if you don’t agree but one day you’ll have to see
to sh*t producers, i wouldn’t be surprised if you sold leaks
only way to make money off of sh*t that sounds weak
been all the way down, sometimes lasting for weeks
i got a lot to say i just don’t know how to speak
i don’t know anymore man, life just feels bleak
but i can’t stop now, i haven’t reached my peak

(instrumental outro)



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