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lirik lagu i like – guy

your tough, you give me with your hand
when you caress my skin, i’m under your command
girl, you hypnotize me with your eyes
it took me some time, but now i realize
it’s you to whom which i belong
i love it, the feeling’s getting strong

i like
the things you do to me
i like
it brings up ecstasy
i like
it really turns me on
i like
the feelings getting strong

verse 2:
oh girl, you are my lover
when i’m with you there is no other
a spell you got me under
please don’t you leave, i’m on my hands and knees
words can’t express the way i feel
emotions for you- are so real
girl, you love me over and over again
don’t stop, please don’t let it end


you know i love it
hey girl, you know i care
suga, you know i love it, baby

chorus 3x

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