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lirik lagu if i’m in the matrix, for josh – icarus phoenix


had a dream where something i did had significance
i had a dream where someone i once knew still cared
and though it was just a dream it still meant something at the time
and though it was just a dream it healed me of turmoil and it felt very real anyways

i had a dream where i was swimming next to a big cliff
i had a dream about a place i hadn’t been before
and though it was just a dream i got there eventually
although i haven’t been back i still miss baltimore and i don’t know what’s real anyways

many of us think we know where we’re headed in this life
but i never saw myself here right now with you
to live in a world where i can share a song with you
rather than die of some disease after working in a factory. well if i’m in the matrix i don’t care

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