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lirik lagu 26/27 – idles


i’ve been on the back seat
driving around for days
there’s nothing more to see here
look up with a glaze
i was told that life is too short
you reap what you sow
but they jump in the cold wind blind
what the f-ck do they know?

i did what i was told
my body’s getting old
i don’t want to go your way
i woke up (?)
with visions of the sea
i will never go to school

today’s the day we wait

we are not both the same
but we will fade away
we are not both the same
but we will fade out

don’t know my own weathered hands
and much of what they do
my faith was put in reprimand
and much of what is new
i can see my grave here
holding onto you
baby if you draw me out
you’ll confiscate the view

got my own ideas
i’ll try to be sincere
i will never go your way
who the h-ll are you
to celebrate your views?
your cowardice on weak display

today’s the day we wait


brothers in the back
waiting for lungs
waiting for lungs
waiting for…