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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – ill intent


i’m k!lling sh-t like spiders on the wall
keeping sh-t on lock like money in the vault
so hot that i make a b-tch melt like a malt
so quick with sick sh-t, you gotta put my sh-t on pause
just to understand what you heard, so i can get applause
now think about what i said; i got bacterial infested, freezing cold bars
here soon, i’ll be stirring it up like blenders so here comes another war
don’t front with all that fussing and hollering because at most, you’re just a baby bore
sit down little one and see what i become
until i fry these fools like onions, i won’t be done
in this game, until that day
i’ll be flyer than a f-cking drone
so you can get on up and go home
or else a foot in your -ss is pr-ne
my mult-tasking is on point
i’ll be kicking your -ss and making your b-tch moan
while sitting on the throne i just took from king joan
of arc, also known as jeanne darc
oh, i’m sorry, my intelligence just kicked in
i had to dumb sh-t down for these fools
so i left history in the dark
these b-tches trying to act smart is like saying mark
whalberg doesn’t act when i know that’s a matter of fact
but anyways i’m back on that lyrical smack a b-tch back
into place back to whackville
and i’m still real hard like someone stealing steel
literally that’s a steal
i’m going off on these bars, that sh-t’s too drill
like a screw or a nail in the wood
what i say goes right over their heads because they’re slow like a snail, for real
i’m cooking this sh-t like i’m preparing a meal
but what’s the deal with these fakes?
they weak like seven days
they think they’re on top because they got album plays
what if i told that lyrics and flow what makes the artist a sick one?
and of course it’s been done
but it all comes down to who does it best
and who gives that warm feeling like a f-cking vest
to the listener when they connect to what’s said
and the rest is history
i spit fire on y’all so you need that histamine
all i mean is my art’s a gift from me to you
and whoever don’t like it can suck it or let it be