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lirik lagu avid’s lament (no love pt. 2) – illgod & xplain d don


[avid the lyrikal]:
it’s all one big illusion, delusion of minds
confusing this for something you’re used to, my people are blind
my people dying from ignorance, mister president lied
think he behind all the k!llings, maybe he’s on a jihad
pardon my negative vibe, maybe i’m rotting inside
you’re out here popping champagne, i can’t even get me a job
look at the sk!lls that i’ve got, maybe i’ll make it abroad
but i no get visa, so i got with illgod
that’s how i pour out my pain
take it all out on the violins, snare and the bass
being born in this crooked environment sealed my fate
how can i have faith in a country that wants to annihilate us
i swear the government hate us, ah
p*ssy, money and politricks, listen i’m no economist
but the economy is gone to sh*t
i should write me an article on this sh*t and then publish it in the papers
the hate you gave us, we took it and admonish it