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lirik lagu 1 – illkittydog


flip the script
i’m back again
with lots of sh-t, up my sleeve
your girls a b-tch, a sl-t and a c-ck-tease
what you working with baby?
(f-ck she’s not breathing)
i was only fifteen when i lost my self-esteem
now i’m f-cking with a crew that’s a ch-nk and a half meme
a couple more than that, got a couple blacks on the side
a couple whites in the middle
call themselves a f-ckin’ oreo
cause we just a little (piece of sh-t)
swimming in the tub again
dip my head a little bit, stop my breath a couple minutes
tell myself i’m just pretending it was real
i tried to k!ll myself in december, it’s real
i tried to starve myself to death, it’s real
and now my back hurts, it’s real
i’m sleeping on a bed again
f-ckin’ with my girlfriend, who said
i “should smile more, like i should play pretend”
(it’s real)
and all these f-ggots at school
they tell me to listen
listen i’m not your f-ckin’ friend!