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lirik lagu no autotune – imkudo


i created the wave so you know they gone hate
big guns put them sh*ts to yo face
bad b*tch tryna see where she stay
she a bad b*tch so you know her nails pink
almost christmas time bout to buy a candy cane
boy don’t play with me man you know i’m insane
check my phone she said she wanna link
i be high as h*ll like a motherf*ckin plane
hit my phone she like how was your day
she hit my phone i was on gangway
use to sell packs used to sell them eighths
on the flo wherе my head used to lay
smoking gum mix that sh*t with that sway
no autotune no rеverb no delay
cooling at the crib playing gta
coolin at the crib playing campaign
saw a white man he was doing cocaine
scrolled up he got hit by a train
d*mn dawg man that shi kinda sad
on the windows
but i carry the mac’
gotta switch up the flow cuz sh*t getting old
yeah i carry the mac murk he carry that pole
these n*ggas be hating these n*ggas be hoes
gotta freestyle i can’t write no d*mn song
ain’t signing no deal i did it on my own
among us yo b*tch ask for the code
y’all n*ggas sick about to catch a d*mn cold
in the old days cooling at the hood store
cop some rap snacks and i cop a faygo
can’t beef with n*ggas man these n*ggas be broke
she wanna a birkin bag i’m like h*ll nah
you can’t move in refund the uhaul
gave her a ticket flew her out to utah
told her i don’t want her no more she blocked
got her crying in her bathroom i’m sipping on wock
got a new ar bout to buy a new glock
i know these n*ggas mad cause they sh*t gone flop
akorn in the sprite that’s that motherf*cking drop
i don’t need no autotune n*ggas know i rock
big drums on the guns do you wanna get popped