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lirik lagu 12 step program – imp (@theuncannyimp)


[intro: imp]
introducing the sober addicts
drastic rap tactics distort boom bap hits
bars gymnastic, knock the earth off its axis
the fact is you ought to resign, sa partners in crime
and always on time and rocking ya mind

[verse 1: lost boi.]
i play like i’m fine, as if i’m not trying
but my n-gg-s been dying, i’m smiling and crying
been graduated for years, but n-gg-s still capping
i’m certain i’m the one so i rise with the sun
see ’em side eye, i’m not the man with the gun
know i’ve got pride and my vision ain’t the best
rather not play judge, but i’ve got stripes like a ref
i’d rather hold my breath than leave seconds for the rest
so i take it all at once, you just proving i’m the best
as i venture on this quest
tribe like west, but va on my chest
enough of the basics, i felt like flexing since i’ve got closed cases
reminiscing flexing ’cause they took off my braces
but wait, there’s more
this just the top of the year and i’m already bored
i ain’t high off sh-t, feet still on the floor
don’t know why ya sh-t pinned, eviction notice at the door
still you can’t ignore
i’m the one you can’t replace, back to back like a relay
i meant replay, i transition on court
i might need a knee brace
[verse 2: jarhead the n-body]
pumping on a dutch, sipping on some honey jack
plug said it’s good bud, it ain’t hitting, i want my money back
two to the face still ain’t enough, where’s the fun in that?
too many blunts to the lungs may do something bad to a young lad
i get sad, so i compose art
cold heart, my blood is black, i can’t do no sunny tracks
losing my direction in life, my only comp-ss is cracked
having thoughts of running and never coming back
“n-body, you’re too glum and sad, do a funny rap!”
f-ck a rap, i need therapy but can’t afford it
although, it’s moreso i’m too scared to ask for it
this mask i’ve worn is tattered and torn, ready to shatter its form
age 16, that’s what i’m feeling like
i ain’t a big beast, but i can still k!ll a mic
til i’m six deep, i’m k!lling sh-t blind like kenshi
i’m ill in the mind, i steal souls like shang t
but i stay broke, ain’t no 10 g’s in my bankroll
tryna make ends meet, i’ve sold what i done paid for
pray for me, i got devil horns under my halo
they call me jarhead ’cause i’m a solider like draco

[verse 3: kaffo the sensei]
tryna have a house in calabasas
k!ller mike told me learn my sh-t, but k!ll my masters
y’all all bark, but don’t show teeth like a mastiff
yeah i got the compet-tion looking mad stiff
i’m moving mountains, her measurements is m-ssive
i been fighting long and hard like a giraffe d-ck
take your mask off and show me where your past is
god flow don’t forget question your pastors
y’all n-gg-s moving in the past tense
i make a monument look average
blow my brains out and have an open casket
still have ya baby boo in a basket
i’m in my bag and i’m very far from slacking
i’m sipping out the flask, i think i need a aspirin
got aspirations to win, f-ck who in the way
need bacitracin for the way i’m chilling in the cut
i’m on a high speed chase, y’all n-gg-s in a rut
going pecans on you peons ’cause im going nuts
ponce de leon need a seance i think i’m seeing ghosts
i shine brighter in the dark so don’t cut on the lights
but now i’m on y’all n-gg-s heads, i think i’m seeing lice
but i’ll decapitate y’all n-gg-s without thinking twice

[verse 4: black indigo]
now some n-gg-s walking around with masks on
but don’t know that they got masks on, you get it?
it’s like a psychological riddle, n-gg-s playing the fiddle
between garvey and king, malcolm in the middle
they created the cast, now they act didn’t laugh
they think it makes ’em last, i think it makes them sad
still cough when i p-ss, i’m more lost than an -ss
in the back of the cl-ss, drinking out of my bag
stopped taking pills, really flipped the scrip
wrote the bark to keep me sane, d-mn, ain’t life a b-tch?
sometimes i look back on my weak-willed sh-t
now my son is on the rise like it’s rap will smith
keep my vernacular spectacular, i get high and then go back to earth
i got to keep a pack alert, i’m lacking verbs
’cause what i do is irrelevant, still k!ll a wack rapper for the h-ll of it
distaste for embellishment, i
just get in, ring the bell and show the card on my adult swim
move back, when the sober addicts stepped in
lil wayne water on my nike air
getting side smoke stronger than nigerian hair

[verse 5: imp]
you ain’t sh-t, you rapping like you constipated
shimmy ya, gimme the mic so i can confiscate it
on some serious sh-t, i’m the brightest out the constellation
your obligations feeble to the sober addicts congregation
this a coupe de’tat, dawg, that’s my proclamation
i’m lit, no flexing on the funk, homie, i’ll bomb your station
raps to astonish, i feel like an abomination
fry any mc who confrontation dare cross my apr-n
serving up mcs ain’t a hobby, it’s an operation
touch my side, your face get lit up as compensation
test my ensemble, get handled like baroque orchestration
that go for anyone, tackle giants with the heart of david
i got a leg up on the flow, you looking amputated
your bars soft like you just finished masturbating
i got bars like san quentin, alcatraz
accenting packed and jammed, that’s a fact, done elaborating
i grew up where you could get shot for stepping in
school of hard knocks, had high marks when i was accepted in
it gets hard to settle when composers outside meddle with
symphonies full of lead, homie, i ain’t mention zeppelins
houses of the holy couldn’t quell the perishing
the old blame the young and the young blame our heritage
“the system is a scam cycle” how i’m best convinced
i’m tryna reinvent the game and then embellish it
stormed into the game, ain’t bother to knock like marilyn
my success has got to be real, dawg, cheryl lynn
you and me? we ain’t even remotely next of kin
your best success akin to my worst blemish, kid
better than you in whatever category you’re respected in
i’m allergic to these n-gg-s, i need an epi pen
i’m off a cigarette and a mug of coffee
respectively laced with weed and too much bacardi
may the record skip if i’m better than every f-cking body
there it is, citation please, i want another copy
stand down or you’re getting punished promptly
deserters gon’ have to deal with my hunting party
a sycophant can suffocate, suffering succotash
these cats make bluffs acquaint, i subjugate these suckers’ games
need subst-tutions for blunders made? infamous mic professional
a morlock out the subterrain, bring your best, i bury ’em

[refrain: daniel saylor]
what it is, you know, they know
what it is, we know, y’all know
what it is, sober addicts, there it is
what it is, you know, we know
what it is, they know, y’all know
what it is, you don’t know? here it is

[outro: argiflex]