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lirik lagu drip – imp (@theuncannyimp)


[verse 1]
hands to the heavens, no man nor weapon
shall have me waxed out for pension, throw gas on they professions
imperator on the bottom of a pyramid scheme
will i escape my gl-ss coffin? remains to be seen
i’ve had disdain for the scene, spittin’ flow on locket
but y’all hands contain all the keys? slumber on me
i’ve got deprivation of sleep, whole crew behind me
sober addicts a dangerous team inside the chambers of kings
sa the real leaders we need
separately we’re beasts, but collectively a regime
respectively, y’all squadron all effectively weak
i got that fire, dog, like arcanine, on beats and i wreak
havok, shoot plasma beams and lay waste to the scene
y’all waste lines, beltin’ rhymes that ain’t great on repeat
i’m a skinny n-gg- with big rhymes, weight gain on my st–z
reaper cutlerly, eat beats, vacate premesis
false starts and false alarms
saliva drip, don’t want water, not often parched
always had flow, just added a couple walls, installed a door
no ceiling for my gorgeous home, my rabid thoughts is out the box
tony and vivian support my art like it’s a n-bel cause
sculpture rap, i’m armed with saws, y’all need to order gauze
i come and miter off ya arms, hope the guard’s carc-ss rots
box em up like storyboards for coming on my hostile block
i’m in the laboratory like tartakov-
ski mask on, get mine the fast way and off the law
flipping pennies convincing all of y’all that these are dollar thoughts
all with ease, no pushing keys around like it’s a harpsichord
flame of p-ssion, kicking raps like i’m marshall law
imp won’t even occupy a hall with y’all, f-ck martial law
wordplay flow game got your iphones waterlogged
i’m icker than -ssault dogs, need vaccines, i’m coughing sars
can i talk my sh-t again?
even if y’all ain’t listening? i dig it, man
y’all quick to deliver threats, i’m discontent when i intercept
y’all militias all get tired quick, aw man, y’all minutemen
soon as y’all go ham, start lookin’ like some guinea pigs
my job to catch rappers slipping, call it a business trip
black a mark out, outline skeleton, it’s silhouette
snuff ’em like a cigarettes, dodge parliament, look innocent
my flow tremendous, it overcasts and condensates
my reign immense, corrosion drown and mar the state
try to joust, meet doom in the battlezone like atari games
every bout, eat ya words or meet catacombs ,i’m hard to ace
but i gotta spade, fold you into a coffin with ungodly grace
for acting out of turn, before my play, with no debate
feral movements, lightning grenade like blanka’s counter
i’m in beast mode, uncanny imp, i’m out here