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lirik lagu hell – imp (@theuncannyimp)


[verse 1]
isn’t she so beautiful? skull mask and all
met with my communion, she was set with open arms
had a toothy grin, but ear to ear not quite possible
moves me when she stirs around often, yo
the cloud over my head, on my jog or in my bed
we do finger dances in the morning, top of the mourning gorgeous
there’s a-you in there, laying on my conscious
attached at the hip bone through hardships and accomplishments
seems like everyday we seem to talk and harbor moods
you’re a fine one, but my ship can’t follow suit
love you more than i love being alive, that’s too true
you had a hand on my shoulder back at jeff & sam’s funerals
but i’m too fixed, you were there when i jumped into the street
crying out, hoping that a movin’ truck would hit me
opened my eyes, it turned the corner, aw sh-t
lady death why do you let me live?

so it goes, and to where? i don’t know
my soul aches and burdens, i hunger for more
cloud overhang constant, i walk it solo
what’s home to a broken soul? it’s h-ll, if i know

[verse 2]
i couldn’t cry at your wake, i don’t handle death well
i fussed all day, sh-t, i couldn’t sleep that night either
i wore a suit, you would’ve clowned me if you didn’t set sail
“where’s the hoodie? you know that’s like your staple, dude.”
the pastor skipped over your drug use, said we should turn to god
you were agnostic, right? not gone lie, i’m not too sure
i’m at odds with the book, still not declaring i’m faithful, but
sometimes i hope we’re wrong and that you’re lampin’ with angels
you can’t call me a fool ’cause i said goodbye to my plug
first and foremost a friend, you knew what it was, but now
the vibe’s all wrong, walked in and saw your pops sob
and now you’re gone 5 years after your moms
a month before your birthday, i wish you could’ve seen it
knowing we both struggle, living’s h-ll
if i know one thing, trust and believe i’m being selfish
no lie, i’d trade places with you in a second, i miss you