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lirik lagu threat model – imp (@theuncannyimp)


yo, ds, turn me up in the headphones real quick. check check, one two

guerilla leader, i don’t need banana clips
to catch you slipping, peel out, i helm the sober addicts battleship
side splitting, your plans tame, i trample em
imp do more than pose a threat to you mannequins
y’all still testing the kid? y’all must be a bunch of m-s-ch-sts
y’all n-gg-s show all talk like danny tanner is
i don’t need a dj to turn tables. the underdog
cross me, i’ll fade you, i’m the unstoppable juggernaut
act b-llsy, i’ll juggle y’all, get br-ss, i’m blowing horns
i stay charged up like gambit with throwing cards
you can pray to god, but no allah can save y’all
impregnable armor, bullet proof heart, i’m grace jones
you gon need a stan, liasons, and alibis
not to get capped in america, no weapon shall arise
against me that’ll prosper, a marvel i’m not religious, this
blasphemous battle bard can’t be censored with grawlixes
back on this ballpoint pen m-ssacre
black magic rhyming, my spellings like tabitha stephens
many men who wanna leave me in the pen
sink or swim in the river styx knowin my ether k!lls
sober addicts takeover, other crews get they freedom stripped
atlanta legend like stephen hill, let’s be for real
y’all g-ssed up on methane, y’all farts tryna beef with imp?
your defeat’s utter i heard, dawg, don’t even trip
i p-ss your brainpan round, y’all ain’t ready for this
#freeimp flow, i steady my grip
on the mic, incite riots, i rhyme tight, i fight tyrants
fascists and rappers alike, homie, i ain’t tired
heaven’s sakes i’m tryna win this bread like kevin gates
in whatever shape it come in just to set the record straight
y’all forgot i was bad? i dare y’all to come harm me
impervious imperator impact imprints and impart peace. peace!

i make ’em wait for you ’til five in the mornin’
put your smarts on the side of your garment
n-gg- stop f-ckin’ with me
r … i … p …