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lirik lagu judge – ​imylia


gentle beatz!

aye, i be pulling cards, this ain’t yugioh
he must think he [?] play hero, he get exposed
b*tch my beyblade not for spinnin’ sh*t, on facebook you get poked
[?], you best not take me for a joke
[?], brodie say we rollin’ packs (yuh)
me and my opp got [?] let out shots and send em’ back
just had an opp [?], god d*mn that made me mad (it did!)
and when i [?], couldn’t i see through the smoke, that hail was comin’ fast
f*ck her on a [?], b*tch i’m fly and i’m really icy (yea)
i’m a freak i let him call for help, that sh*t just gon’ excite me
h*llo shawty, i can’t kick it with you, [?]
i can’t [?], his [?] gon’ inditе me
they like “lia, why you twеakin’ out?” you gotta watch your tone
so peep this sh*t, we was posted up, outside this n*gga home
i’m with [?], she a m*s*ch*st, of course she want em’ dead
[?], she bout to take this n*gga leg
[?] is crazy, just like [?], i’m steady bringin’ pain
my new b*tch dress up in some s*xyy red, her ass came with a drake
peep the scheme, [?], i came with a stick
see i got culture, just like cardi b, i turn you to a l!ck
now here come 12, pullin’ n*ggas over, we ain’t drivin’ fast
handed her [?], like riley reid, and shawty put it in her ass
this [?] so crazy, [?], he had to meet his fate
[?], his ass gon’ see the [?]
is this boy stupid, call me nate [?], i’m godly with the aim
that car go 0 to 100 n*gga, [?]
naw f*ck that sh*t, i be raidin’ n*ggas, i had to get his [?]
hop out that v like that dude from bts, he had to get newjeans

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