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lirik lagu 05/09 – incarnate



your golden hour
embodied in medals
like a platform of honour
which few get to revel

[verse 1]

this wall holds faces
who scream the withdrawal of displacement
a dove’s tail falls with religious intent
focussing on all the words that he never said


so angel
of destitution
please kiss me
with your pollution
rob me
of all i love
rapture my soul
to some h*ll above

[verse 2]
i stand witness in your kindred spirit
oh, i am whole within your reach

he was the key that locked the door for all time
he denied self immolation ever was a crime
and it was her faith that burnt her heart
she was the catalyst that turned s*x into art


so angel
of destitution
please kiss me
with your pollution
rob me
of all i love
rapture my soul
to some h*ll above



[verse 3]

if you burn i’ll blister with you
and if you go, can i please come to?
because i am trying to hold onto something
i’ve got obligations that i don’t want to do
so let’s run, can we run away?
can we dance on a rainy day?
i got my hopes up and i don’t care if they fall
because the winter is bitter
but i can hear your voice call

so tell me, oh you cloudless sky
in how many syllables is it in which you kiss?
for i would be alive, so alive
to write a language with your lips