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lirik lagu hard to explain – infind


so what she doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her somehow…
your hidden desire for others has grown so strong
home she’s waiting for you
dreaming of the love that she shares
you’re indulging in skin
invade her body the same
with another you can’t rinse clean
a touch much colder with numbers, a risk increased
in love no longer
she doesn’t know you (anymore)
she tries to love you
you’re not the same person she gave her self to
she lyes so still
she shouldn’t feel a want for you
known so long about you
in pain cause she trusted you
fear of loosing still she confronts you
maintain your innocence lika a child

no shame with the truth revieled
“i don’t want to hurt you but it’s my body”
try to convince her it’s your right
putting mental and phisical health aside
her life you jepordize
this can’t go on
there is no excuse no more excuses you’re wrong