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lirik lagu 11:34 – inja th3 dawg


man all of these kicks you would swear that i’m doing kung*fu
she calling me beast boy i eat her like eating tofu
she tried to call me, i lost all my phones and my feelings gone with em, whenever we f*cking we don’t need a bedroom
we do it however*whenever we choose
i never lose
two fingers deep like i’m chucking the deuce
i need a booth

chasing the dreamy
man all of these girls who been curving a n*gga
be chasing a n*gga
whenever i blow, hiroshima
they don’t know i skeem on the low

they telling their friends that i’m bad
but they fist on my dms
i’m carping*them*diems
i’m copping them condoms
i don’t trust these b*tches
i’m keeping that key on the low

that b*tch be wyling
i’m happy without you
reality slap on the face
you know i’m your best b*tch i’m taking the cake
i’m in the booth, don’t interfere
gimme the loot, look at that fear

top dawg, top gun, b*tch top tear
no lb get the f*ck outta here
lalela, don’t you sleep on me b*tch lalelale
yinda you thinking my dream is not real
i martin luther on all of these b*tches
like i’m junior, you know that i’m nasty

vele i’m going to h*ll
plus i be hoping i sell
all of these records, and set up a record, and pray that my n*ggas prevail
n*gga be single because of the standards and also relation*ship sailed
n*ggas be trashy, if you touch my woman, i’ll make sure you never need bail
n*gga is weak, like my knees when i see that my music is banging for real
n*ggas feel something when say that i’m dropping that heat, they be waiting to steal
they got the juice, i got the sauce go check your fridge juice never stay
checking the score board, reality hitting
your music is stale