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lirik lagu i am – inkrediflow


[verse 1]
okay, i started with a mic
recording on audacity
jay i’m bouta k!ll em
they preparing for a tragedy
failed attempts & wrong decisions, built another strategy
never knew i was the sh-t
until success came and chased after me
i told big ben, it’s all about the business
school of the rap game, i got perfect attendance
if you put me in the game coach i’m balling like scrimmage
even if you snapped and took a shot
you couldn’t get the image
i fight until the end, call me sonny liston
i’m racing with aggression like i’m bouta win a piston
blood, sweat & tears, i’m so gifted with my vision
i be fighting with my team fsm warrioristic

well i am the warrior bang bang
well i am warrior
well i am the warrior bang bang
well i am the warrior
shootin’ at the walls of heartache bang bang( i am the warrior)
well i am the warrior
heart to heart you’ll win, if you survive

[verse 2]
i was gifted with a talent, use it to my abilities
equalled up to the best, that’s me i’m just the epitome
i was tryna focus on success, very visually
and build a couple traps & leave you rappers stuck in misery
put me in the jungle i’m coming out a lion
a carcus made of k!lling my prey be gettin dishonored
fear me if you want, i thank you rappers for trying
keep thinking that you are hot
i’ll cook you like were at ryan’s
i’m kinda fed up, i’m grabbing at my spears
warrior infliction, doctor hit him with that clear
ima beast, i’m at your heart
i pull it out and watch you tear
ima 100 yard dashin’ i see you hate from rear
black house grave yard, you rappers looking dead too
hip hop mansion, get the h-ll outta my bedrooms
flow ill, i’m sickest out here spittin
compare me up to the greatest, i’m below them with my picture(snap)