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lirik lagu a great man – inme


a great man

sink burn or take her a prize
let’s not make this complicated
for a moment of complete silence
so many years i have waited
a heart & mind in a room confined
so much beautiful violence

one day i’ll figure out how
to show you all my master plans
someday i won’t be just a shadow of a great man

i admit it i was wrong
my apology stretches so beyond this song
we all deserve a second chance
i’m only human, we all say things we don’t mean

save me a little oxygen
my lungs feel so deflated
gazing up your stellar canvas
so many stars you’ve created
orion rides pegasus, a brand new legacy
will you be my andromeda?

you are a great man

you strip the sky away like it’s a blanket
you poured the tears of joy in a cup & drank it
you’re my cement
binding the brick that surround my heart
i won’t fall apart
’cause i never want to fail you again
now sing along my friends