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lirik lagu jams – innanet james


[verse 1: innanet james]
this all i ever wanted, so its all i’m gone get
got the warning from my mama’ put the cautions in the wind
lost a couple friends, i ain’t mcconaughey, i ain’t trip
well i did on a beach to tell em’ they ain’t sh-t
sike nah, im in maryland cause really i ain’t rich
where you learn real quick how real it can still get
still here i ain’t leavin’ i
im maryland like terrapins
terrible roll the doja, smell it all in the wind
like wins i ain’t carl we really gone get them
like wins i ain’t eddie we really gone get them
like wins i say laura we really gone get it in
know ya’ family matters to ya’, but pull up with two friends
we was gone ride out, got b-tches thats askin’ to fly out
what nerve of the dame, i pour hennessey in tennessee to kick em’ outta’ my house

[verse 2: chaz french]
i said ayeeeeee
yeah we back up in this b-tch, and ain’t n-body f-ckin’ with us at the moment
so you can keep ya’ fake handshakes and all ya’ complements
we dont even want em
heard they talkin’ bad about me, heard they got a lot to say i thought they was the homies
well we handin’ out fades, ice cube with the clippers man i’m here for the drama
catch a fade, catch a fade
screamin’ out f-ck a wave, f-ck a wave
be ya’ own man and go against the grain
cause everybody sound the same these days, [?] since late registration
majority gone say i sound like i’m salty
but when you tell the truth, they gone call you a hater
i said yams n-gg- yams, all i drop is jams n-gg- jams
i ain’t have friends ever since i realized people ain’t never who they say they is
fairy tale living through your twitter or your instagram
i can talk it all day, all day
purpatrating to get you paid, that sh-t amaze me
they appreciate the fake, i can’t relate

can’t relate like we dont f-ck with them
drop jams like jams they was jamming
got bounce like yams, they was yammin’
got d-mn like they dont understand it
said we drop x4
jams n-gg- jams x4