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lirik lagu 150 degrees in the shade – inside the beehive


[verse 1]
you are all pathetic overzealous mindless militants
inbred gluttons
spineless cowards
f*cking multiplying
breeding in the darkened light we call justice
what are you trying to achieve or gain?
you are the walking plague
coughing, spewing
c*ckroaches in heat
cascades of burning sewage
parlor tricks amuse more so animated limbs
sockets spring roses tulips and tomatoes
a garden of eden
among heathenous farmers

wincing, convulsing in time
time is convulsing in me
god d*mn ape

[verse 2]
i’d help you bathe in the same acidic solution you failed to preach about
and watch you burn until you are the steaming pile of sh*t you are on the inside
flavors numb the taste
color blinds the sight