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lirik lagu inhuman suffering – internal bleeding


oppression in thy master’s name, leaving only you to
blame. die alone in your sin, waiting for the
depravation. feel searing pain as your mortal soul chips
away. devoured in a flame that burns with hate. your
crucified mind stops as you slowly die. repentance for
the slaughtering of god. beyond those hallowed crypts
lie, cursed souls of the d-mned. prophets of d-mnation.
rulers of the dead. now you shall now join them, in the
crypts of the dead. your body before you slowly turn to
dust, your presence is fading in a well of scalding
blood. your soul sacrificed to the master of the flame.
banished. inhuman suferring. your after-life. inhuman
torturing, inhuman suffering. wrath of god on your flesh,
on your soul. i’m inhuman suffering eternally. fear his
holy coming, as you shall not inherit this earth. your
ears of tyranny, of your misbegotten life.