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​anxiety - into misery lyrics


[intro: madelaine petsch & lil skele]
everyone thinks i’m this loveless monster
(watching me fall, tell you it’s stars; oh*oh*oh)
(told you i’d always be here)

[verse 1: lil skele]
baby, don’t lie to me, know i’m a burden
i’ll f*ck it all up and i know that for certain
just the way it goes, i always stay alone
was it ever even worth it? darling, i don’t know
watching me fall, tell you it’s stars
told you i’d always be here through it all
is it real? [?] feel
what’s the deal? thought it’d be here

[verse 2: lil skele]
[right blades?] swervin’ sideways when i pull up
heartaches, see my heart break in the photos
migrane, you makе my head shake, [i’ll be hеaring some?]
migrane, you make my head shake, [i’ll be hearing some?]

[verse 3: into misery]
anxiety is k!lling me
i guess you never really knew what you meant to me
i stay up all night waiting for your calls
such a f*ck up ’cause you were never there at all
worthless, i lost it
at least that i could say that i was honest
you never cared, you left me [?] to die
and now that i’m alone so i just waste away inside
[verse 4: into misery]
you said you’d come back in december
oh, i guess you didn’t remember
everything, the end was so perfect
but now i know that i’m just a f*cking burden
now i know for certain
i guess you [shared?] your mind of who i am as a person, yeah
nothing matters anymore
nothing matters anymore

[instrumental outro]

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