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lirik lagu 129 bars – irai ouree



how i feel, i feel crazy, or this feels crazy
after your first success you get a glimpse- you get a glimpse into what you want, but its like you can’t even build on that sh-t cause you still stuck in the same f-cking place where you started at. i know we gotta make it out this b-tch
[verse: irai ouree]

this is how it start , this gone make you play your part
im the fire that only needed a little bit of spark-
explode bomb
you bout to see its me, i run this sh-t like im an athlete
subjective to poverty, follow me wallowing
in depression, neglecting to send apologies
conflicting with my monogamy
i want that cookie like taiji p
my empire on the horizon that fire been burning me
so i gave up on mary gs, like children and christmas eve
waiting for santa i rather doge cancer that run in my family
to burst banners like bruce
my uncle still hunting me now
a brain tumor putting pumas in the back of my miles
no time for p-ssy footing around
i need to focus on local motives
for the crime that im openly hopen to keep in motion
her body stay on pole like she voting
that potion leave me floating like flying fortress for fortunes
i go to h-ll and back, back like mary mat
you playing chuckie cheese games in this race with rats
i got tracks full of facts i make hoes break they back
in a trap with no raps
spending some money that i know ill make back
rub her lap like a lap she my tramp loud like amp
giving me honey that she make with her pants
shine like lamp on these n-gg-s and these b-tches
f-cking simple green like riddle
on my mind not cause i love it dont get me wrong
i need it and bring it home cause without it
im more wattson than sherlock holmes
a n-gg- off liquor for bigger things
bigger than future rings
that g-nius run in my genes
mutant genes like jean grey
they think i dont belong
im singing foreign songs
my d-ck on your b-tch head it make her look like unicorn
she a fiend for the e once i pop ecstasy
dont stand next to me till my chemicals
balancing or im trampling sanity
and killing your f-cking family
wicked like this world that we living in
im trippin, im praying my sins forgivin
lord- ipray i dont lose my heart
im praying i play my part
like thesbian- cause society letting them
shoot down love with a dart
and tear it to many parts
then hit it with twenty karts
to warp it into some joke delivered by kevin hart
its so ironic im driving and i find it
a message planted in my girl iris
from a n-gg- that only want to hit her and rip her like jack
her heart colder than frost
cause i left some hoes in the dark some odder months ago
and it linger in her mind untill evil thoughts awoke
if he gone hurt me then imma hurt on him too
thats that cycle thats our rival like red and blue
who the first to catch mew
thats that evil seed thats growing in we
them petty tendencies holding back a fruitful seed
it just need some nourishing, and the wetness from her sea
and the shining come from me
b-tch its i the o the ri
and im on this f-cking beat by andre the 3
i only play for keeps and im on my second peat
doing acid till i peak
was just a hobby for me and my n-gg-s
flipping figures to make a six nine
deliver these lyrics sinister visions sicker than cell sickle
fickle spitters can’t see mine like pac on a incline
im learning to handle sh-t
flip an make sense of the demons that im givin like naruto
i can go figaro little more people to understand this vision
i post it they like but prolly dont even listen
retweet these cheating b-tches
lil n-gg-s h-ttin some weak p-ssy
we looking heads bigger than booger
cops killing before they book man
its crazy they taking this talent raping the innocence balance so i can’t even fathom the phantoms
that stay on head like bandannas
mama im iller than these n-gg-s
broke as the f-ck but still richer than these n-gg-s
i got the love, i be the plug, life is my drug
when i od ditches get dug
im on top of my sh-t like a maggot f-ggot you ratchet
im sharper than any hatchet you practice lyrics to match it
it never happens like magic
its tragic im moving wit silent tactics to cause a racket
im packing im asking for armor to slay the dragon thts dragging me to the depths of depression, i learned my lesson
i cut you off like medusa if you a loser
its crucial when i get to it this music is f-cking fluid
like p-ssy juices and sewage im easy e wit a label im ruthless
i do this im choosing a better life over ruins
so if im losing tamera then f-ck tamera
ill marry my f-cking letters
im coming on every alb-m to bury these little rappers swallowing capsules to capture they simple hooks\
like the captain im at it
im at the top like attic if rap is a drug them im a addic
im rappin, my children will not be b-st-rds
moving quicker than silver to peal them
im so bananas u can’t see me like a atom
im the man like im adam
this the eve of defeat im leaving you n-gg-s bleading
you weaklings i eat um its icee its over