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lirik lagu 100 degrees – isaducka


it’s 100 degrees outside
you can’t ask me a quesh(question)
cuz i don’t know why
100 degrees outside
it’s probably the heat outside
100 degrees outside and no doubt
its 100 degrees outsidema
all there is is dirt i don’t know why
all i know it’s it’s 100 degrees outside
i got a sunburn all i can do is cry
it’s 100 degrees outside
i can’t do anything i wanna die
it’s hot all day and then it’s cold at night
don’t know what’s happening to the temperature but i know it ain’t right
the suns too bright, it’s too much light
im thinking about moving to canada, i maybe just might
you look outside can’t see a site
it isn’t right, cause it’s 100 degrees outside
it’s too hot outside
it’s 100 degrees

(mc jackk)
it’s 100 degrees in the arizona heat
tryna keep things cool with these summertime beats
chilling on the sun was never really fun
but now we got that solar power, batteries are over done

so now i’ma explode on the mic
were up next got a scooter not a bike
yeah it’s a lizard and a duck
you can’t say sh*t because i don’t give a f*ck