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lirik lagu on bs (freestyle) – itsunknownmf


yea, it’s unknown motherf*cka

i’m too ill with these raps
i’m too sk!lled with these raps
if you ever try and diss me
i’m a k!ll you with these raps, woah
moral of the story i’m the motherf*ckin’ best
and i shoot my shot with b*tches like what tory did to meg, woah
it’s just a joke, why so serious?
when you rappers go and spit a flow, i ain’t hearin’ it
unknown to the heart of foes you know i put some fear it
there’s a price out for your soul, i turn to a spirit quick, blaoow
pen is evill i’m at the top sittin’
handin’ out some l’s to the competition
you wanna see me fail cause you’re not winnin’
i am just
kobe bryant in the fourth my shots hittin’
buzz beater
all my b*tches bad, you motherf*ckas mad
you not gettin’ to the bag, i just laugh
i’m swimmin’ in some cash and i’m swimmin’ in your b*tch
you should quit with all the raps
cause you n*ggas have no hits, woah