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lirik lagu hank aaron “wildnout” – ivan ice & emay


straight off the bat
ill like dilla on a monsta track (wildn out)
but there’s no imitation
original flow for the faces (wildin out)
straight off the bat
ill like dilla on a monsta track (wildn out)
but there’s no imitation
original flow for the faces (wildin out)

[verse 1]
you can hear the off time ticking
boom like royce da 5’9″ the cl!ck is
dope like c0ke in a pocket
with more hash for ya -ss so rock it
but don’t roll it, don’t roll it
welcome to molten voltage
yeah, the beats kinda fancy
my bad, the beats kinda nasty
turn it up so now the rooms drafty
my bad the beats kinda yancey
like i had madlib on adlib simply to get the whole club dancing (wildn out)
but this here’s no jaylib
it’s more like ivan and flame kid
and the kid’s named emay
first name beast, last name emay
we be easily distinguished
you be easily extinguished (wildn out)
diminish, finish, done with
y’all targets dog, i’m a gun smith
y’all trynna be j dillz
so you went and you copped his drum kit (wildn out)
and it never worked out, so you tried to find where he chops his trumpets (we be wildn out)
and you still can’t do it
trying to copy instead of being influence (wildn out)
me and ivan, don’t try and
we still burst out b-sslines at a time
refined and designed
new old sh-t, new new sh-t
evolution, leave all clueless
but this here’s beyond darwin darling
deep in the soul, spirit
hard, solid, gold, feel it
can’t touch this
i’m here to get these mc’s hammered
stomp on swagger (wildn out)