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lirik lagu joe goldberg [remix] – ix fall$


[verse 1: ix fall$]
watch me hide
when i put them in their place
no forgiveness
never the one to go psycho
unless you slippin’ past my feelings
rippin’ my heart out
and make you swallow
burn a hole
my lungs are hollow
burn your cigarette
i’ll take your ash
and place it by my doggo

never been the one to back it down
switchin’ it up
and then i put a murder on the scene
you’ve never been the one to cough it up
asthmatic much?
i’ll stab you so you’re never gonna be able to breathe
on a cold day
cells are gone away
see us struggle
for another day
keep it a secret
let it fade
or else i’ll lock you in my cage
[verse 2: freddy]
1 2 freddy’s coming for you
1 2 freddy’s coming for ya
better run for cover, spit a thousand rounds a minute like a m*th*f*ckin’ choppa gunna
lay waste to foes, i ain’t chasing hoes
gimme the loot b*tch gimme the gold
woah, we ain’t wasting time we just goooo
you ain’t taking over too slow
it’s 6 feet under you goooo, woahhhhh

re*evaluate your life choices
in my head these evil voices
making noise and i can’t avoid it
telling me to crush your skull and destroy it, ahhhg
this is a war and i am the lord
your life will hit the floor
as your soul is toooooorn!…

[verse 3: vessel]
i know i don’t f*cking matter
f*cking gather
all these f*cking bother
so i f*cking batter
all these faces into matter
yeah i can’t rap
but i know that i’m better than you
yeah yeah
i got a heart attack
from hearing your sh*t like oof
ay ay
terrorizing sh*t
i hope you live and suck up in a ditch
i hear you c*nt
you f*cking runt
yeah i’m on a f*cking hunt (ay)
making you suffer
i know you cant handle the future
making you suffer
i know you cant handle the future

[verse 4: navvvi]
take me in your arms
never open eyes

b*tch i seen it in the crystal ball now
kick the head until it match the soil now
seen the love divided since i bagged ya breathing yesterday
now we tainted but i hurtin’ every single day

matchin’ the drama i speak out of terms
holding a wrench up between every fern
b*tch i’m a techie, i nope on command
selling your cellulite, only of fan
never digress… live off the best
approach me i’m swearing i’m strapping the vest
watching from distant i see how you move
fail me once the god approve