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lirik lagu aggressive – izaiah combs


new york

[verse 1]
ya’ll need to stop skipping
that sh*t ain’t cool
ya’ll need to stop skipping
that sh*t ain’t cool
n*ggas really cool
i don’t f*ck with you n*ggas
and you win some you lose some
hey what can i say
now don’t you play with me
i’m finna throw the touchdown
you n*ggas need to stop skipping cuh
that junk not cool
you acting all gangster
get your ass to class
aye, get your ass to class
always in the gym
you acting like you could shoot. really?
you ain’t no shooter
really you know when you get home you got to wash the dishes
you got to wash the dishes
stop f*cking sagging n*ggas that sh*t ain’t cool
if you sag you might well pull down your f*cking pants
that sh*t ain’t cool n*gga
you ain’t have motion. i’m having this
don’t you play with me
i’m going super saiyan. (2x)
ya’ll some f*cking addicts. (2x)
now it’s time for you girls
all you girls ya’ll just some ally cats
ya’ll run around here looking for these n*ggas
ya’ll some knick knacks
n*ggas need to get your hoe back
while you around here
you know you got a boyfriend whilе you with lil’?
out there in the hallway kissing
all that f*cking sh*t gеt your ass to class
lil’ b*tch you need to get your ass to class
you know your mama don’t play that f*cking sh*t
she call your mommy going to be f*cking crying
no, mom didn’t do that
n*gga, stop f*cking lying
i saw you out there kissing all the other guys
you a alley cat, get your ass to class
now it’s time for the teachers
all ya’ll some f*cking snitches
y’all can get mad on the f*cking rookie
he’s just trying to learn
don’t you play with him cause he really better than y’all
mr. gilley, the best teacher
and we finna turn up at c middle school
i ain’t going to say the name or the address
you n*ggas really lame
n*ggas really lame
all y’all do is fight
ya’ll can’t really fight
i ain’t going lie
you’re always in the bathroom trying to hit the n*gg
you need to get a b
stop getting on these n*ggas d*ck
all you do is f*cking laugh
n*ggas get your ass to class
you got a f*cking d in math
how is that?
you don’t know 1+2?
you a dumb ass
but you try to roll up weed
with ya sorry ass, dumb ass
start smoking all that sh*t
you need to come in classroom
ya’ll n*ggas counterfeit
ya’ll n*ggas counterfeit