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lirik lagu 365 – izaya tiji


boy you ain’t gon’ make too fye, booted up 365
and my shooters, they shoot too fye, (too fye)
still they talking on live lil boy, those choppas boy give you that fye
eat your head off like pie, yeah yeah, xd make ya’ momma cry
blew ya’ ass up like a mine, uh huh
and they like, “f*ck them slayworld n*ggas”, you test my gang you gon’ die, uh huh
give a lil n*gga red eye, give a lil n*gga lead eye, uh huh
my lil boys used to get get em fly, boys used to kick, you gon’ die
and a new hunna round draco came with a pop, and i gotta catch my flight
and i’m running ’round to my shooters, and my b*tch she bad now
think my lungs, they too polluted, and my hunnas too blue
and we cooking that stew off a blue, jugg his sh*t then took him
and we eating dst with the fruit, h*llcat make a n*gga p**p
h*llcat make him do a loop, .380 h*llcat and it no roof, (on it)
oh that’s your crib, then we dropping a bomb on it
oh that’s your b*tch, we dropping some d*ck on her
oh that’s your wave, lil n*gga we been on it
oh that’s your vibe, lil n*gga we been passed it
i smoke that og, he smoking on sh*t pack
and, he think he gon’ get his lil sh*t back, and he get his lil n*gga
he think he gon’ get his lil b*tch back
off of that 325 i can’t rap, my whip smell like loud lack
hollow tips poke him like a thumbtack, hollow tips poke him make him jump back
finna run it up like a line back, heavy weight n*gga doing jump jacks
finna chop you down like a lumberjack, shooters they keep that d*mn mag
spilled all of the pint on my kicks, d*mn it
let’s go empty the whole mag, let’s go empty the whole mag, yeah