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lirik lagu inoculate – bilocate

darkness is taking a human form
i never imagined “that” the eyes of god will be there
on us
and we will survive… “ingrained”
the souls are protecting us… shelters from the end
our own flesh and blood,
…our forces affiliate.

humans we are inoculated
into the dark forces of death
into the sound of souls essence in fear
into the path to the end
into the flames till they burned

one sided war has begun… the spirit of evil and the
soul of light
never ending battle we live in but then it’s a war
within us
and i hold my final breath for the moments remains…
sacrifices were made.

into the bleeding dark we embrace
into the pain of days
the last souls of us
into the plague
into the mind, into the grief

into nothing we’ll remain… never ending

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