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lirik lagu dick hop – j bobs


i put more wieners in my mouth than joey chesnut
hoppin’ on that d*ck cause i’m a little d*ck sl*t
why don’t you take a trip south and put it up my b*tt
rappin bout that d*ck cause i’m a little bit sus
spitting on the tip and then i rearrange my guts
bouncing on your hips until i bust bust bust
i smile cause my face is full of nut
spitting sus ass sh*t but i don’t bluff bluff bluff
you can top me anytime, never enough up in my b*tt
these ain’t buns hun, i got biscuits. where’s your anaconda?
throw a hotdog down a hallway if you wanna hook up
your little worm isn’t impressive in rainforest cafe

f*ck me, f*ck me
spread my b*tt cheeks
call me baby
f*ck me daddy
f*ck me, f*ck me
spead my b*tt cheeks
let your cum leak
f*ck me daddy

i’m suckin’ on his lеgs l!ckin down until his toes
yeah i’m the booty bandit i’m always sеarching for a hole
store all my cum i can’t take it on the road
have to go around the states to rainforest cafe (eddy!)
she ask me where i’m at, told her yeah i’m with the bros
don’t tell them i’m exploring where they won’t go
the more i throw my neck, the more his d*ck will grow
how to please a man then you’ll have to ask my bro
how to please a man then i’ll have to ask your prostate
beat that booty red like i’m f*cking on a raw steak
fill ‘em up with dairy i make sure to give him phosphate
my d*ck is in good hands so i call my homie allstate
my homie calls me allstate cuz his d*ck is in good hands
knock his booty out like he off a couple xans
he pulling in my shirt while i’m unbuckling his pants
make him take them off while i do a dirty dance
it’s so hard to dance with this p*n*s in my pants
face down legs wide put him in a stance
put me in a stance, make my booty do a dance
i grip all of his hair and i stab him with my lance
his sword is in my sheath it got me feeling like aaoooga!
a simile would be like when he put it in my poo*hole!
i couldn’t go a day without abusing all my crews holes
joey chesb*tt the way these weiners in my bootyhole

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