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lirik lagu class in session – j doze


life up to luck i leave it
love i don’t f-ckin need it
broke up ‘fore i messed up so i guess i’d say i never cheated
the game is full of secrets
you gotta school the teachers
only cuz it always seems to be the foolish people preachin
these n-ggas got me cheezin
they askin what’s the reason
i find it funny as im comin up fake n-ggas leavin
im aimin for the t-tle
i stay away from rivals
the only way to keep from haters is don’t keep them by you
just moved up to ohio u
aw shyt i mean ohio
yea its been good and bad
f-ckin girls and duckin 5-0
im all about survival
that means avoidin trial
i woulda k!lled this sh-t, it was already suicidal
so please don’t press the charges
i know i spit the hardest
and that anything i throw at u will prolly get the farthest
see im a black man
most of us ain’t kno our fathers
but if we put our hands together
we could change the author
of this book they wrote
start takin notes
from an artist that writes the type sh-t that you “quote”
we can change the world, without education
hahaha aw sh-t pardon my jokes
these n-ggas really think they understand what they don’t
these n-ggas always say they gon plan what they won’t
it takes some n-ggas like us to make you wanna learn
see you my brother and “n-gga” just a t-tled you earned
we play with fire cuz really we desire the burn
it’s like she listens to that guy cuz she tryna get hurt
silly rabbit
i swear with this girl i’ve really had it
i wanna help her but ignoring me became a habit
if only we were taught, a lil more in cl-sses
not just how to set a goal but how to truly grasp it
she just wanna be happy
im sure we all do
insteada droppin out i tried to fall in love with school

i don’t know if this whole thing is gonna work out
but at least i know i tried to take this relationship to the next level
the problem today is that the elder don’t wanna feel vunerable
therefore they don’t present you with the problems they once faced
allowing you their students to trip and fall into their once made mistakes
(so what’s the goal?)
to educate

[trek manifest til end of track]