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lirik lagu 5 a.m. in nashville – j.mental


[verse 1]
this when the life hit you in the face
this when moma say stay up in child place
when the bottles crack so you can find escape
this when you realize it’s too late
i’m frustrated chest beatin’ out lines hate
updated to several bugs just lag the day
hate it technicals gone kick me out the game
was violated now the love don’t even feel the same
5 am in nashville it feel like five at day
can’t even go to sleep i got to much say
like who ever got some beef they can die today
ain talk to moma in a week she called the other day
i ain answer i was sleep shrugged it like anyway
woke up to a text that said call me back
i’m feeling kind of nervous as i dail back
it rang four times i went back to mixing a tracks
then an hour later it’s mama with the call back
i said hello she said hello
she said hey what you doing
i said nothing then she took a pause
took a deep breathe and said jamal
z quintin was k!lled yesterday while he was playing ball
i stop playing with me
i said stop playing with me mama
naw stop playing with me mama
then i took a pause
she said jamal are you ok
im like naw

hit the net and start scrolling down his facebook
then tears start rolling down my face shock
like why they murk my fucking brother
lord why you have to take my brother
he was good kid and i really mean a good kid
fuck whoever who was involved with whole shit
like i gotta get from family from this bullshit
rip on some real shit
rip how do i deal with

they just murked my fucking brother!

[verse 2]
my current situation seem to be getting worst
work is slow and these bills gon stress to hease
that’s up sippin henny writing out a verse
i been going through it all can’t seem to cope the hurt
my moms gave me another call on a run work
she started with a couple questions like are still at work
then went on about the lack of funds that’s in her purse
j need some school shoes ain enough if her purse
and i can’t even fuckin help man that shit fuckin hurts
moma i feel like shit
because i ain been shit
nope not even bit
nope now im getting lit
you been having all these surgeries and i’m
just so nonchalant
but if something happen to you i’m gon be crying like a punk
ma i think something wrong i just can’t open up its trunk
i feel heavily subdated i wish u was a mediating monk
i wish i was on stage lookin at my fans bringing the funk
but instead i’m in my room with no fans and getting drunk

what’s wrong with me i said what’s wrong with me
whats really wrong

[verse 3]
nicole keep asking me if i’m ok
i say i’m good but i’m really fucked up
i just wish she understood
that i’m in love and i got promblems
mixed with my feelings and there’s no there to solve em
this that marvins room you can do better
this is cursive in the dust i’m writing you a letter
the way you make me feel i love you more than ever
i ain’ known you too long but my heart speaks for the weather
when your lips touch my lips that shit touch my soul
that trinidad hit record it was all gold
now it’s keith sweat i’m out here singing cold cold cold
you say you want me in yo life and then act like you don’t
i swear this whole situation is a repeat of my favorite song
this shit happen to me to much
you say i was in it too much
guess it’s my arrogance of caring too
at least i don’t care for two
say it’s my arrogance
i don’t think you understand just how much i do
i wanna express my love i’m throwing all my flags
wanna make you feel love that you never had
you got me fucking sad
the best two weeks i had
you got me fucking sad x2
the best two weeks i had