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lirik lagu 2k19 (freestyle) – j-r3mi


2018’s coming to a close
we got a whole year ahead of us
with a new year comes new opportunities
with new opportunities…
(half note on tha track)

[verse 1]
i’m about to rip sh*t, f*ck it up
hit it like a boxer, uppercut
this is the year i achieve what
i want when i want it; i got what i earned
every new year’s a new chance to learn
things you didn’t know or do before
i’m gonna live life like i’m a new man
be bolder with my actions than i’ve been in the past
i’m goin’ overseas; in a film, i was cast
i’m gonna act in italy, gettin’ lit and feelin’ the
culture of florence. i’m gonna flourish with peers
disappear out of sight ‘cause this is my year
and i’m flyin’ high, literally in the sky
i’m in a plane, man, just jottin’ some rhymes
i’m gonna complete another album of mine
for my family, i am destined to shine
and i shine bright, producin’ the light
with the strike of my pen, a flame i ignite
people ask me, when i sneeze, am i alright?
“are you sick?” no, only when i spit
it’s dreadful. infectious with the flow
i rap like it’s strep throat
i k!ll the f*ckin’ beat; then i’m on to the next, yo
i have the energy, must’ve drank from the egg yolk
but when i come to twenty*one, i’m gonna drink the teq’ whole

[verse 2]
come back on it ‘cause i play to win
and winners don’t quit; they just do it again
i’m fightin’ the game like i’m ryu or ken
hadouken, motherf*cker, blast you ‘til you’re dead
super saiyan with the flow, wavy when i go
berserker with the rage, throw the navy out the boat
i’m the king of the seas, poseidon with a trident
i’m a god to the people. why you f*ckin’ eyein’
me like you want the smoke?
i’ll smite your ass. i’ll poke your eyes out, homie
with this three*pr*nged pole
you don’t got sh*t on me. i’m a master; you a joke
now get the f*ck outta my sight before i blow
i’m sick of these hoes that don’t know how to rap
but call themselves rappers, get put on the map
just because they got money
and the beats they on bumpin’
but they lackin’ the talent; i got mine in the oven

[verse 3]
p*ss off, b*tch, i f*ckin’ scoff at this. all
the sh*t people like is a miss. i diss them
‘cause they bad for the game, the culture i live on
they do it for the money, not the love or the passion
all these one*hit wonders, all these rappers have been gone
but i’m here to stay once i make it official
i’ma save the game like my name is the same
as the son of god, and i’m gonna start it today
(half note on tha track)