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lirik lagu 14 year old kills kendrick lamar’s “humble.” instrumental!! – j-rush music


when i pull up to the block it’s best to know they scurry tho

i got the floater and im balling just like i am curry tho

and it be my style they jackson it’s like i’m percy tho

homie just give me a break

all that you give is all that i can take

these people sleeping, but yet they’re awake

flow to flow to flow piece of cake

i could do this all on a break

but i’m holding back for your sake

what you earn is all that you make

this is for the people who hate

and ain’t n-body jocking my style

i been running for a while

taught the game the beat is my child

stacking up the cards they in piles

river flow they call it the nile

when they hate i call it denial

i’m the best they’ve heard in a while

doubting all these rappers like kyle

it’s easy to see, that i’m meaning to be, oh this rap is a game and it’s easy to me right?

pull up got the sand in my feet right

if you ain’t then you not on my team right?

they know my flow it’s mean right?

j-rush so cold that’s mean right?

hero suits yeah my team tight

people four-sided like kites