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lirik lagu 16 bars – j shields


im old school like birdman when he was on big tymers/
nothin but brutal bars n stingin’ one hot liners/
im going up this rugged rigged frosted mountain call us the ice climbers/
brave in the heart and sharp like the late big pun one of the best/
never did no detective work like elliot ness, but can swing a bat quick im ness/
lets get serious slick da ruler a sharpshooter scoot over you foul loser/
abuse beats in various corners of many streets i mean to pummel trash on scribbled scams with vivid plans/
i will say hallelujah from here to honolulu through the earphone inner tubes/
ive shopped at payless and in my dreams had conversations with skip bayless/
my bars are so graphic superb in thought well educated like i went to harvard/
of this threaten threaded scheme im the head author/
you work to get b-tter from peanuts george carver/
my flow too potent im way sharp as i garner these raps up like racked cr-ps up partner/
your a cop on the force in rush hour..james carter/
these days rappers only spit garbage so wheres the nearest trash can/
im reconstructin tougher gen x mutants in the lab so take a stand/