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lirik lagu 190 – j-zone


d-mn, i don’t even know what the f-ck i did last night man
i need some f-cking aspirin
yo hold up, f-cking mail yo
bills, bills, f-cking bills
a subpoena? oh sh-t
yo man i need to stop f-cking drinking
going out getting bent
always f-cking wilding out
this sh-t always f-cking happen
that’s word to me, yo
i’ma just f-ck, f-ck this sh-t man
i’ma just stop drinking for real
(hey man you wanna get drunk?)

[verse 1: al shid]
holding my dome when i wake up
quoting the zone my eyes stay shut
can’t remember sh-t after the eighth cup
a slow paced strut, how i start the day
tripping over bottles of courvoisier
two hours late for work, what could i possibly say
f-ck it, just a loss of a job
i’m in the bathroom, bent over praying to the porcelain god
can’t recall a day i spent sober off in the park
mom’s saying that she tired of supporting us lawd
and she oddly right
i’m living an ungodly life
i can’t hold a nine to five but i could hold some bacardi light
flashback to me at a party like, “what up?”
in the sound factory, it’s all coming back to me
freaking on some b-tch, facedown with her b-tt up
holding two cups up
you know she’s fashion
peach schnapps on the rocks, straight e crashing
up in the vip [?]
[?] trust these rap men
’cause they all peeped me feeling up this freak b-tch
dancing off beat
caught a seat when the b-tch said she wanted a drink
twenty minutes later seen her -ss run to the sink
no stamina
her ex called the b-tch an amateur
and the [?] caught the b-tch wilding out on his camera
my primary thought of stabbing her, quickly faded
’cause i was turned off after she stated

i wanna drink booze
(stumbling, fumbling, grumbling b-m)
i wanna drink booze
(booze, was his sole method of unwinding)
i wanna drink booze
i wanna drink booze
wanna drink, drink booze
wanna drink, wanna drink
(anybody uh, anybody wanna drink?)

[verse 2: al shid]
i’m back in it though
bent as f-ck, head spinning slow
sh-t, on a different b-tch, sh-t i don’t give up
it ain’t my fault i thought of getting my d-ck sucked
ripped up with something in my hand
(yo my man, what you drinking on?)
pale frail n-gg- steppin’ to my table seeking strong though
[?] first of all by approaching me
while i’m getting head, trying to talk to me socially
acting like i know you? who the f-ck is you ‘spose to be
(yo word around the club is you getting drunk with my girl)
that p-ssed out drunk b-tch? go and follow the url

[interlude: j-zone]
oh word? ight, i know how the game go
motherf-ckers get a little drink on you think you can come in her and start wilding out being smart with me
ight, bet
bet you me and this tre pound put a end to all of that bullsh-t
f-ck it, yeah look at you running like b-tches

[verse 3: al shid]
i ain’t tryin’ hear that bullsh-t
club blaming me
n-gg- pointing finger aimed at me
saying my bac was far over the point of consciousness
f-ck it i’ll take a constant p-ss
until i’m sober
then i’ll start over, ’cause i ain’t stopping sh-t
(f-ck n-gg-, n-gg- give me my whiskey)

we all know that the more person knows about a subject the more he enjoys it
whether it’s art, music, literature
drinking knowledge really in this requires a little fun study
bottle to bottle
drinking, of course, is the only way to really add to your enjoyment