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lirik lagu the black hole – jack hardy


[verse 1]
there’s a hole in your firmament of friends
takes a hold, draws you into the darkness
and the sky, the blistered sky
that holds the fear that holds the eye

[verse 2]
and i, not understanding what this meant
heard the cry with a heart indifferent
and the hole, the blackened hole
was in the heart that i love the most

[verse 3]
lucid stars dissipating all that light
like the scars from some distant set of lies
that fl!cker hot, that fl!cker cold
and i’ve become what i hate the most

[instrumental break]

[verse 4]
was a time when what worried us the most
was to find that the dawn laid bare our ghosts
take my hand, my haunted hand
and through your touch i can understand
there’s a hole
there’s a hole



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