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lirik lagu bullymbusters – jack pop


[chester, wane, and jamie]
we’re the bully busters
we eat straight rocks
if we catch you bullying
we’ll knock off your socks

[chester in voice crack]
yo what’s good
my name is chester
say a bad word
and you’re gone for the semester

my name is wane
mess with my friends and you’ll feel the pain

what’s up my homies
the name is jamie
why be a goon
when you can get more brainy

that was a pretty nifty trick
but you know what isn’t nifty
[chester, wane, and jamie]

ey yo chester
what’s the four*on*one on cyberbullying

i’ll tell you, jamie
this is buddy, but you can call him bud
and he’s fallen under thе influence of cyberbullying
lеts take a gander

[bully man on robox]
eat my shorts, loser!

*loud sob*

one was you can deal with these
ra*ra*ra*rancid monster humans
is by telling them to talk to the hand
| | | |_
| | | | |
| | | | |
_| ` |
\`\ |
\ ;
\ /
| |
| |
*stands up and points hand at robox screen

[bully man on roblox]
*flys backward*

looks like the only thing he’ll be eating

is dinner

(hahahahaha good one wane! i think i heard my dad say that one)

all right
looks like that’s a wrap
and remember kids
stay swaggy (idk o_o)
[chester, wane, and jamie]
bulldoze bullying

*you think that it is over but then you look back to your computer screen and see chester dancing like a dying dolphin. sigh. poor chester. that broke the poor man. it was so bad that he said a bad word and left for the semster. he was betrayed by his own rules…lets have a moment of silence for chester……*