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lirik lagu i’m sorry – jack rootes


[verse 1]

i wake up, access my memories
looking for some remedies
to the heartbreak that you gave
to me, turned my heart to a cave
i’ve been down a slippery slope
i don’t know how much i can cope
if your presence doesn’t surround me
or the feel of your arms around me

my feelings can’t be summarised enough
i wanna talk, but my tongue’s tied up
i’d address my hurt and all their effects
but i can’t right now, they’re too complex
i’d do anything to have you back
ever since you left, the world’s faded to black
my friends say it’ll be alright
but i still cry myself to sleep at night

hurt is turbulent as oceans
gotta stop and watch my emotions
before the day comes that i get consumed
like a storm surge from a monsoon
our happiness we always partake
now i can’t tear away the heartache
wish i could move on, that’s all true
wish i didn’t care anymore, but i do

[hook – aquilo]

i’m sorry that i let you go, i’m sorry that i cared
i’m sorry that the feeling shows and i just wasn’t there
i’m reminded of the fool i was
i cut you off and f-cked it up again
i’m sorry that i let you go, i’m sorry that i cared

[verse 2]

you’re always on my mind
even through my daily grind
you won’t ever escape my thoughts
hiding away like bad reports
we got up to a lot of good things
when you were falling, i was your wings
i still think on the good times we share
i’d be lying if i said i didn’t care

summers at your place, looking all cool
i still remember us walking to school
and very little trouble would bubble
even if people thought we were a couple
just a boy and a girl being lovely
enjoying each other’s company
hair soft to the touch, like a paint brush
i always found it cute when i made you blush

i still hurt now, there’s no pretending
i wish we both had a happy ending
i continue to feel my heartache worsen
when i think how much a wonderful person
you are to me, and you knowin’ it
now everybody tells to get over it
but how can the sorrow end
when i lost my best friend?


[verse 3]

been a friend since childhood
you’d be with me forever if you could
convinced me to go into your world
a literature club with 3 other girls
the only boy in the group, yeah i know
they all had affection, they all let it show
all my anxiety they helped me bleed out
i was making friends, you were happy for me now

until a few days ago
where your happy decline started to show
you were using poetry as an expression
to let out your feelings of depression
then you started staying at home
not even taking time to answer your phone
then you said you loved me, emotional overdose
i remember your breaths when i held you close

the festival could’ve been our first date
but the cycle repeated the very next day
you must’ve been late, getting out of bed
’till i saw that poem, ‘get out of my head’
it was when i went to your house to check
that i found you with that rope around your neck
now my joy melts at your name like a lolly
so sayori, i’m sorry